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The FLYING HILLBILLIES RC CLUB (FHRCC) is a recreational association of aero-modelers organized for the purpose of promotion, development, education, advancement, and safeguarding of radio controlled aero-modeling. The FHRCC is dedicated to flying all things radio controlled.  We have a large flying field with both grass and asphalt runways located just south of Winfield along the Kanawha River.  A large covered shelter with tables and chairs gives us shade from the sun, a place to meet, plan, and share information about our hobby.

Our parent charter organization is the Academy of Modeling Aeronautics. (AMA)  The AMA is a community based organization that provides it's members with guidance, a knowledge base of the hobby, liability insurance, and acts as a liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration.  Before joining the FHRCC, a new member must acquire membership the AMA.  You can link and explore the AMA website by clicking on the blue AMA logo at the top of this page.


The FHRCC has a history of community outreach.  Members actively participate with students and local community groups to achieve and advance our purpose.  Such activities include partnering with the Boy Scouts of America and Fly-In demonstrations to raise money for local non-profit community organizations.


Flying radio controlled airplanes is not a skill that is best learned alone.  No airline or military pilot sat behind the controls without going through training.  It is the same when flying radio controlled aircraft.  There are planes designed specifically as trainers.  Visit your local hobby shop or contact us for recommendations.  Our Club has several instructors to pre-flight your new plane and help you master the skills needed to fly safely and successfully.


Upon acquiring your first trainer airplane, we recommend pairing the student with an instructor.  Your radio control transmitter is connected with cable to the instructor’s transmitter. (buddy box system)  In event the student gets into trouble, the instructor can override the controls of the student pilot and minimize the chances of crashing.

Our club welcomes guests and visitors - provided that club members are present.  Saturdays or Sundays, when the weather is fair, is the best time to visit our field.  Feel free to ask questions. We welcome and encourage members of the local community to join with us in learning and promoting the science of aero-modeling.   Membership applications are available for download on the Membership page of this site.

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