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Rules & Regulations


Flying Hillbillies RC Club – Field and Safety Regulations

Amended and Approved at the April 2017 FHRCC Meeting


Each and every member and/or guest shall be and is considered to be knowledgeable of the official “AMA Safety Code” and “Field Regulations” and shall at all times observe said rules in the operation of all aircraft and/or associated equipment and which is covered by the AMA Safety Code.  Each member shall be expected to enforce the appropriate safety rules. And remember - Absolutely no flying without a current AMA Membership!!! 


Flying hours for internal combustion (IC) airplanes or helicopters begin at 10:00 AM, Monday through Saturday, and 12:00 noon on Sundays.   (Electric powered aircraft may fly at any time) 


Aircraft must be started in their appropriate pit area or on the taxi way near the Que Board.  Aircraft are not to be started by the fence in front of the shelter.  When starting large IC aircraft a restraining system or helper should be utilized. 


All flying of aircraft will take place at the pilot flight stations near the north end of the runway.   Flying of aircraft from the south end or out of the pit taxi-way will not be permitted.    Multiple pilots flying together should stand in close proximity to each other to communicate take-offs, landings, and maneuvers.   Note:  The area to the left of the most northern flight station may be used during single pilot operations.


When beginning airplane take-off and before accelerating your aircraft, always taxi or position your aircraft past the point where pilots are standing.  Aircraft do veer off course on take-off!


Normal flying pattern will be an oval racetrack style with direction based on prevailing winds.  Pilots flying in the 3D style will fly in the center of the oval or in an area not to interfere with the normal flying pattern.


Boundaries.  Do not fly past the pole at south end of the field.  The paved runways (centerline) are the in-flight boundaries.  Do not cross over the runways with your aircraft.  The pilot flight line (flight stations) are set 25’ back from the main runway.  Pilots must remain in-line with the pilot stations 25’ back from the C/L of the runway.  Do not walk on the runway or flying area to retrieve your aircraft without clearly announcing to all pilots and receiving acknowledgement.


Noise Reduction.   The FHRCC mandates all pilots who fly IC aircraft to acquire sufficient noise reducing mufflers or canisters.  Planes should be propped to control or eliminate prop rip noise.  The standard of noise limit is approximately 97dbs at 10 feet.  Aircraft emitting excess noise will be subject to a sound measurement using a decimal (dB) meter.


Engine running and tuning in the pit area should be minimized and limited to reduce or isolate noise pollution to members relaxing in the shelter area. 


“Que Board” system will be used when the number of pilots present warrant its use as determined by a club officer present and/or the most senior member present and flying.  The pilot “on que” has the option of flying alone if his or her skills or experience level mandate safety concerns.


No flying may be conducted during the mowing of the runway and flying areas.  Mowing of the field has priority.  Flying may be conducted when the mowing is well behind the flight line.  Always check with the persons mowing before flying.


Entry onto AEP property, including the Wetlands and our flying field is by permission only from the proper authorities of AEP.  If practical, please remind trespassers.


Common sense and prudent judgement should prevail whether pursuing the hobby of radio control flying or just relaxing with club members and guests.  All members are encouraged to be ambassadors to our hobby when meeting with guests and onlookers.


Remove all trash and containers you bring when you leave the field.  Please do not litter tobacco on the field, pit area, or shelter area.  Lock the gate and secure the combination when you leave - but not before checking that all unauthorized persons are out if they have vehicles parked over by the boardwalk

FHRCC Documents (PDF)


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